Sister Spot book blog♡
Just two sisters who love to read. The idea for this blog started when we were discussing our favorite books. Then the idea slowly formed. I mean what’s the next best thing to reading? Talking about reading, of course! So the Sister Spot Book Blog was born. The two of us hope that we can not only share our love for books, but to share in YOUR love of books too.♡ So, let’s get to having some book loving fun! 🙂

A little intoduction:

Hey! My name is Tiff. I am a Mommy and Wife. I LOVE to read anything with a good Love story. My favorites usually involve a strong, arrogant, aggravatingly possessive Alpha who will drive you crazy in love.
My favorite is Romance. It can be adult, young adult, or anything in between. As long as it has at least a smidgen of romance, I’m in! 🙂

My name is Shell. I’m married to my best friend and love of my life. I love to read everything from YA Vampire novels to adult Romance novels.

**Introducing our newest Reviewer!

Hi! My name is Ray. I have always had a love for reading ever since I was young. I love any kind of Romance.

We hope you enjoy our blog!

Contact Info:

~Email: SisterSpotBookBlog@gmail.com


(@SisterSpotBlog): https://twitter.com/SisterSpotBlog?s=09






•How we rate.-
5 – IN LOVE with this book. (A new Fav!)
4- Love
3- Pretty good. Parts slow/aggravating
2- ugh. Glad it is finally over.
1- Um. No. Just, no.

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